Championland @ The NJPA Boardgame Alliance today

Today, June 27, 2009, I will be hosting a Maze Game session at the NJPA Boardgame Alliance @ The Loft in Audubon, NJ. I am also bringing Pixel Lincoln (since I finally own a copy) and a severely unfinished version of Famous Missions. )note: I’m kind of getting hooked on that name. Also note: I have a hard time changing things that have been set for a little while, so that may end up being the final name. I do have a few others still in mind though..)

More info about todays event:

NJPA BGA’s next big event is Saturday June 27th at the Loft at the Auction House in Audubon, New Jersey. Join this group, check our postings and get on board for a new wave of gaming fun! We’ll have many featured game events plus many open ‘pick-up games’ to try. 
Featured Games (subject to change! please contact us to suggest games you like or wish to run!)
2PM Mag Blast
3PM Amoeba
4PM Super Giant Monster Showdown
6PM Maze Game
7PM Conspiracy
8PM Uzu
9PM Illuminati

ONGOING throughout DAY
Cathedral (tournament)
Pokemon Whatever
Battle Masters Campaign

The Loft (at The Auction House_ –


Wizard World Philly Recap

Wizard World Philly is over. We gave out a ton of flyers, almost sold out of the game and made a lot of connections. A lot of people had great things to say about Pixel Lincoln. It was a great opportunity that came along at the last minute. Thank you very much to all of the guys who made it happen. (Team Omech, etc.)

Now we move on to the video game version..

Here’s a pic from the show:

Pixel Lincoln has grown.

Taylor asked in the comments if Pixel Lincoln has gotten bigger than before.

The answer is yes! See for yourself.

Here’s a pic with George (my brother / part of the video game team). George’s head is about the size of 3 normal heads, so Pixel Lincoln is really huge.

Cutting out pixels sucks big time.

Pixel Lincoln at Wizard World Philly

This weekend is the Philadelphia Wizard World comic convention. The Pixel Lincoln video game team has a booth with the game set up, and they will be selling copies of the card game at the show.

In the next few weeks I hope to have some more solid info on the video game version. I heard about the test game footage but haven’t seen it yet. The team may have it on the computers at the booth this weekend. Harass them if you are there. I can’t go because I will spend too much money there. Also need to draw 46 more characters for “Famous Missions” by next Saturday.

Game #4. Famous Missions

My fourth game is officially in pre-production. This game is based on famous people and missions/tasks for them to do. I have 50 famous people and 13 tasks ready to go… just working on the artwork and playtesting now. I think it will be 100% complete for the NJPA BGA get together on 6/27 @ the Loft. Definitely would like to try it out there.

So the hardest part is coming up with a name for the game. I have a few in mind, but I’m still waiting for one to really hit me. I’ll keep thinking. In the meantime, here’s cards of an old friend, a new friend, and two mission/task cards. I wanted some sort of stylized art and ended up with the only kind of art I know…. crappy, just beyond MS Paint, layered-template drawings. Enjoy.

Variations On Other People’s Games: Apples to Apples

Here are two new ways to play Apples to Apples.

1. All Michael Jackson, All The Time

Go through the red noun cards and find the Michael Jackson card. Players are dealt the green adjective cards. The first judge will drop the Michael Jackson card in the center of the table, and all other players will throw in an adjective card.  The best card is chosen and that player keeps their winning adjective card. All other green cards are discarded. The winner now becomes the judge. The Michael Jackson card stays in play… for the entire game.

This variation came about from my family experiences with Apples to Apples. Somehow the Michael Jackson card is always the winning card. No matter what the adjective may be.

2. Sexually Tragic

Play the entire game as normal, but when reading a green adjective card you must read it as Sexually (insert adjective here). For example: The green card says Explosive. Add Sexually. Now the card is “Sexually Explosive”. It changes everything. Here are more fun green cards for this variation.

Loud becomes Sexually Loud
Fragrant becomes Sexually Fragrant
Weird becomes Sexually Weird
Pathetic becomes Sexually Pathetic

This came about when my brother-in-law pulled a choose your own adjective card. He didn’t know what to say so he started to consider “Sexually…” and kept repeating it while thinking of something. My brother then realized he could win this round with a card in his hand, so he chimed in with “Tragic”.  The word become Sexually Tragic and my brother won the round with his AIDS card.

Working on new games.

I’m currently working on like 10 games in my head, on my laptop and on paper. What’s weird is that I always feel like I default to creating one player games. Maybe that’s from playing video games? Who knows. Speaking of video games, we have a small team of game designers working on a Pixel Lincoln video game. This should be awesome. 

Back to the games I’m working on. Here are some keywords for the current games I’m working on.

Paris Hilton

I hope to finish a prototype of at least one of these games over the weekend. And definitely have one available for the NJ/PA Board Game Alliance meeting in June. It’s Saturday 6/27 at The Loft. Currently, I’m schduled to demo Maze Game, and may playtest another game if ready. 

And finally, I’m going to have a handful of copies of Pixel Lincoln on hand very soon. The first batch has been sold out for a few months now (you can still buy from Guild of Blades), but I ordered more for the upcoming Wizard World Philly. The video game team has a booth, so we’ll have some Pixel Lincoln info as well as the card game available.