Getting back to work.

Got through my little Nov/Dec slump and now I’m back to working on games again. Here’s what we’ve got going on.

Cafe Catastrophe
This is our little restaurant management game. That sounds super boring, but the game is pretty fun. During the draw phase, you can choose to help your own restaurant… or you can sabotage your opponent’s restaurant. It’s played using 2″x2″ cards, and I’m ordering them one at a time in bulk to save money. (Actually I’m not saving any, I’m just spreading it out over time) The artwork is mostly complete and the game should be fully assembled and ready for release around Feb/March.

Lines of Fire
Lines of Fire is a head to head battle game that also uses 2″x2″ cards. John Fisher is handling the artwork for this and it’s coming along really well. The style really matches the tone of the game. We’re probably about 80% done the artwork on these and within a few weeks I’m going to start ordering the cards. I would expect a proper release around Feb/March for this one as well.

Postcard Games
A new format that I’m trying out is postcards. I want to make a handful of games that are fully playable using only the postcards (and maybe dice or household objects if needed). With these, I’ve been thinking about getting some other game designers on board too. Maybe a 2010 postcard game of the month club? That could be fun.

Other than that been working on Pixel Lincoln stuff, more Famous Missions ideas, and buying way too much Heroscape.