Monthly Game Project / Lines of Fire / Kickstarter

I’ve partially decided to try an alternate method to try and release Lines of Fire and some future games too. I haven’t fully decided, but I’m getting there…

There was a big sale on custom cards last month, so I bought the 6 basic cards needed to play the Lines of Fire game. We still need a few things though. We need the base card (it’s a 2″x8″ castle card), a box (We’re using foil embossed kraft boxes) two 20-sided dies, and a few odds and ends (shrink wrap, instructions, etc…) It’s going to cost a few hundred dollars to get the rest of it together. Most of the cost is the box. My first instinct was to toss the box and just release a bagged version of the game, but I’m not sure about that. I feel like the game loses some of it’s charm when bagged. I found cheap(ish) boxes thought I could use them to brand all of my small card/board games.

The alternate method of funding is If you haven’t seen it already, it’s a site where users will create a project and offer rewards for anyone who funds the project. There are a lot of really awesome projects already on there and it’s a great community.

I really, really hate asking anyone for anything. I never ask for help unless it’s absolutely necessary and although this isn’t quite asking for money, it’s close enough to make me feel a little weird about it. But, I think that if I can get a handful of people to contribute even just a dollar… it’s a step towards getting this game made. Contributors will get the game as well, so it’s also like a hopeful preorder system.

I also decided that if this is successful, I’ll keep it up. I thought that I’ll put a new game each month and give cool rewards to anyone who helps me out.

I’m curious what people think of this. I partially feel like it’s asking people to help fund my odd creative needs, but on the other hand it might be the next step in producing the games I’ve been working on. I think I’m going to try it. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t get funded and nobody has to pay anything. That doesn’t sound so bad.


Zombie game

I came up with a concept for a really simple Zombie vs. Human game a few weeks ago. I was trying to think of a business card style game (very few different card designs, with a lot of reuse) and somehow the zombie thing hit me. As an idea, it felt like a perfect fit. I then immediately thought of a title for the game; World War Z. Of course, within just a few hours I saw a trailer of a film with the same name. So, no title for now.

We playtested the game for the first time tonight and it turned out really awesome. It’s a super simple mechanic, which, on the first two games worked out really well. It was also a lot of fun, which isn’t always the case on the first trial run. A ton of unplanned scenarios came up and we added to the rules to cover all of the bases. Zombies won the game both times. First, they won by far and then the second game was much closer. Still need to tweak it to make it more balanced.

I’m going to keep prototyping the zombie game. Right now it’s a barely modified Scrabble kit. The only change was a little black marker, some dice and chips. Tomorrow, I’d like to make a nicer prototype to get a better feel for the game.

Other than that, not a ton going on. We’re waiting on the first set of Cafe Catastrophe cards to arrive on Monday. Can’t wait.