Variations On Other People’s Games: Apples to Apples

Here are two new ways to play Apples to Apples.

1. All Michael Jackson, All The Time

Go through the red noun cards and find the Michael Jackson card. Players are dealt the green adjective cards. The first judge will drop the Michael Jackson card in the center of the table, and all other players will throw in an adjective card.  The best card is chosen and that player keeps their winning adjective card. All other green cards are discarded. The winner now becomes the judge. The Michael Jackson card stays in play… for the entire game.

This variation came about from my family experiences with Apples to Apples. Somehow the Michael Jackson card is always the winning card. No matter what the adjective may be.

2. Sexually Tragic

Play the entire game as normal, but when reading a green adjective card you must read it as Sexually (insert adjective here). For example: The green card says Explosive. Add Sexually. Now the card is “Sexually Explosive”. It changes everything. Here are more fun green cards for this variation.

Loud becomes Sexually Loud
Fragrant becomes Sexually Fragrant
Weird becomes Sexually Weird
Pathetic becomes Sexually Pathetic

This came about when my brother-in-law pulled a choose your own adjective card. He didn’t know what to say so he started to consider “Sexually…” and kept repeating it while thinking of something. My brother then realized he could win this round with a card in his hand, so he chimed in with “Tragic”.  The word become Sexually Tragic and my brother won the round with his AIDS card.