Championland @ The NJPA Boardgame Alliance today

Today, June 27, 2009, I will be hosting a Maze Game session at the NJPA Boardgame Alliance @ The Loft in Audubon, NJ. I am also bringing Pixel Lincoln (since I finally own a copy) and a severely unfinished version of Famous Missions. )note: I’m kind of getting hooked on that name. Also note: I have a hard time changing things that have been set for a little while, so that may end up being the final name. I do have a few others still in mind though..)

More info about todays event:

NJPA BGA’s next big event is Saturday June 27th at the Loft at the Auction House in Audubon, New Jersey. Join this group, check our postings and get on board for a new wave of gaming fun! We’ll have many featured game events plus many open ‘pick-up games’ to try. 
Featured Games (subject to change! please contact us to suggest games you like or wish to run!)
2PM Mag Blast
3PM Amoeba
4PM Super Giant Monster Showdown
6PM Maze Game
7PM Conspiracy
8PM Uzu
9PM Illuminati

ONGOING throughout DAY
Cathedral (tournament)
Pokemon Whatever
Battle Masters Campaign

The Loft (at The Auction House_ –


One Comment on “Championland @ The NJPA Boardgame Alliance today”

  1. ruby26 says:

    lol, this is interesing 🙂

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