Famous Missions – Almost finished.

Just a few cards from completing this game. I have 4 people left, then I have to decide if I’m adding any more. Seriously considering adding an additional 9 cards (4 people, 5 missions). After that I’ll be sending the game off to print.

Also been thinking about a few other games.

Bloqué is pretty much done. I really want to make some crazy vintage style artwork with huge boulders/stones and huge muscular men, standing by the edge of a cliff. I actually wanted to photograph it but that might be impossible.

Also working on another game that uses the Bloqué pieces, but many more. It’s kind of like a sprawling serpentine of buildings, or could also represent a plague, or maybe even hot lava. It doesn’t make much sense to me either. Yet.

And finally, I’m reworking the Starts With / Ends with artwork for a potential new release. I love the style, but I’m willing to give it a second shot. It’s coming along.

Here are the new additions to Famous Missions:


Napoleon and O.J.

Still trailing behind a little. Lots of busy stuff going on at home this week. Finished 2 more characters though.

Here are Napoleon Bonaparte and OJ Simpson. I’m liking these pairs. It’ll be hard to top Jenna Jameson and Joan of Arc…. those two go so well together.

Famous Missions: Card backs

Today was my deadline for Famous Missions. I didn’t finish in time, because I kind of blew it this weekend. Got caught up in games of Carcassonne, attended a board game auction, and ate pretty damn well. My new goal is to have the game off for print by Friday. I have 11 famous people left to draw. A couple favorites are still coming up. Then, I think I will add 4 more celebrities and 5 more missions. I’ve felt that the game could use a few more missions and this will even it all out a little. If anybody has any ideas for small team based missions, fell free to share them.

This weekend wasn’t a complete wash. I did finish the (extremely basic) artwork for the back of the cards. Almost everything is black and white in this game except or the famous people. I think it really makes the people stand out. So far it seems like it works well enough.

Madonna, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson and Mother Teresa

Here are 4 new cards. 11 to go. Hope to finish 4 more tonight.

The Michael Jackson card is definitely a fun one in the game. Madonna still needs work and Mother Teresa’s name needs to be corrected.

(Edit: I fixed Madonna a bit)

John Lennon

I’m so tired. I need to get back to 4 a day. Or more like 7 or 8 to catch up to where I should be. For now, here’s John Lennon.

Jenna Jameson and Joan of Arc

So I only finished 2 characters tonight. Was working on the Pixel Lincoln video game for a while then finished Jenna Jameson and Joan of Arc. I decided they looked so good together to just stop right there.

Holy Crap Clay Aiken!

So I briefly mentioned Clay Aiken yesterday and the hits on this site went through the roof. So much that I beat my all time high of 14 hits in one day. Check out the image below for proof.

It turns out Clay Aiken superfan “claycherie” mentioned the picture on 2 different Clay Aiken boards (which I appreciate greatly) and the masses swarmed over here to check it out. The day ended with 527 visits, which is also about 50% of all time visits on Championland. Who knew?

In between the chaos, I managed to complete today’s 4 characters. (I upped it one to hopefully get this game finished by this weekend). Hopefully some Genghis Khan or Helen Keller fan sites get wind of this and push us into the quadruple digits.

And while the number of visits were climbing rapidly, I became motivated and made the cover art for the game. It’s like 90% there. Just missing some text, if needed.

Lastly…. I put the game pre-order for sale. If 2% of the Clay Aiken fans buy a copy, I’ll be sold out (or will I have sold out?) Aaaaaaahhh!!!