Pixel Lincoln Assassination

On July 1st I was part of a diorama art show called Live and Let Diorama. The theme was famous deaths, murders and assassinations. My first idea was Howard Unruh, but since nobody really knows him, I stole a friends idea and went with the Lincoln Assassination.

A friend documented the event. I was interviewed and didn’t say anything too stupid. I managed to say Pixel Lincoln like 7 times in 10 seconds though, and I talked about a character that didn’t make it into the game. But the documentary is awesome. And the other dioramas are insane and very good.

We’re doing another in September (Catcher in the Diorama: Scenes from Literature). I’m considering sticking with pixels…

Here’s the link as I can’t seem to embed:  Live and Let Diorama from Robert A. Emmons Jr. on Vimeo.


Wizard World Philly Recap

Wizard World Philly is over. We gave out a ton of flyers, almost sold out of the game and made a lot of connections. A lot of people had great things to say about Pixel Lincoln. It was a great opportunity that came along at the last minute. Thank you very much to all of the guys who made it happen. (Team Omech, etc.)

Now we move on to the video game version..

Here’s a pic from the show:

Pixel Lincoln has grown.

Taylor asked in the comments if Pixel Lincoln has gotten bigger than before.

The answer is yes! See for yourself.

Here’s a pic with George (my brother / part of the video game team). George’s head is about the size of 3 normal heads, so Pixel Lincoln is really huge.

Cutting out pixels sucks big time.

John Wilkes Booth as Jumpman

I’m working on a project. Not a card game, but something else fun. I wanted to share a piece of it…

Also, did you know that the guy who shot and killed John Wilkes Booth castrated himself with a pair of scissors to avoid the temptation of prostitutes? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Corbett

Today would have been Lincoln’s 200th Birthday…

And to celebrate here are some fun Pixel Lincoln photos.

The first crappy trial run.

The original drawing of the cover art.

Our huge stock of games!

My busted attempt at a sculpting a bust.

And I felt bad leaving him out since today is his 200th birthday too. Here’s Pixel Darwin!

Pixel Lincoln – Infinite Lives Code

Yesterday we had a family Christmas party. My brother-in-law Marty got a chance to sit down and play Pixel Lincoln for the first time. He designed the level 4 boss, and helped me out with a few other finishing touches.

So the last Laser Shark in level one killed him twice, and the Duck dealt the final kill. He started over twice and finally made it on to level two. I left for a while (my brother and I were playing an intense game of Starts With/Ends With, while my Mom was yelling “you better patent this” over and over). I came back about twenty minutes later and I saw that Marty was two cards form beating the game. I was surprised since he wasn’t having any luck, but then he told me his secret: the infinite lives code.

It was awesome that he really wanted to push through and get to the end of the game. The game is intentionally hard (like Mega Man 2 hard) but it’s definitely possible on 3 lives. If anyone else wants to use the infinite lives code, it’s “heads, heads, tails, tails, heads, tails, heads, tails, heads”. Good luck. That might be event harder than getting through Pixel Lincoln with 3 lives.

Pixel Lincoln – Final Box Art

Pixel Lincoln is now officially completed. It should be here within 2 weeks.

Here’s the full cover art.