Working on new games.

I’m currently working on like 10 games in my head, on my laptop and on paper. What’s weird is that I always feel like I default to creating one player games. Maybe that’s from playing video games? Who knows. Speaking of video games, we have a small team of game designers working on a Pixel Lincoln video game. This should be awesome. 

Back to the games I’m working on. Here are some keywords for the current games I’m working on.

Paris Hilton

I hope to finish a prototype of at least one of these games over the weekend. And definitely have one available for the NJ/PA Board Game Alliance meeting in June. It’s Saturday 6/27 at The Loft. Currently, I’m schduled to demo Maze Game, and may playtest another game if ready. 

And finally, I’m going to have a handful of copies of Pixel Lincoln on hand very soon. The first batch has been sold out for a few months now (you can still buy from Guild of Blades), but I ordered more for the upcoming Wizard World Philly. The video game team has a booth, so we’ll have some Pixel Lincoln info as well as the card game available.


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