Blockade would have been a cool name.

Working on an unnamed game using little blocks of wood on an 8×8 grid. Each player has a people pawn that they are trying to get to their opponents base. Each player also has 5 moveable blocks of wood that are used as both defense (to protect your base) and offense (to block and provide a path for your pawn). Another feature of the blocks is that they can push other blocks into an open space. You can push your own (to move 2 pieces in one turn) or you can push your opponents blocks. You can even push another block right off of the board.

The game is really simple and there isn’t much more to it than what’s above. I’ve been scrambling for a really solid fitting name, and haven’t found one yet. I would also like to give it some kind of theme (for promotional artwork, and just to add a little to the game as well. So far I thought “Blockade” was awesome, but taken about 50 other times. Then I thought of the blocks as moveable mountains and thought “Mountainwalk”, but wasn’t too sure about it. They could also be boulders, and a friend suggested “The Sisyphean Challenge” for it’s ancient greek roots, but it’s hard to pronounce and write. Other weird ideas were “Mind The Gap” and “You Shall Not Pass!”.

The title could have any number of ideas in it. The theme (which hasn’t been decided). The blocks as walls, mountains, or boulders. The blocks being used as both offense and defense. The path (or pass) created for your pawn to travel through. The idea of outsmarting/defeating your opponent.

Putting way too much thought into the name. But the rest has been really easy. The entire concept came together in about 5 seconds while playtesting my brother George’s new game “Illuminarium”. Cool name; Latin for lighthouse, which is the main theme of his game.

Here’s a picture of the game so far. It’s really raw, and kind of embarrassing, but I wanted to add something visual to balance out my rambling description.



Pixel Lincoln Assassination

On July 1st I was part of a diorama art show called Live and Let Diorama. The theme was famous deaths, murders and assassinations. My first idea was Howard Unruh, but since nobody really knows him, I stole a friends idea and went with the Lincoln Assassination.

A friend documented the event. I was interviewed and didn’t say anything too stupid. I managed to say Pixel Lincoln like 7 times in 10 seconds though, and I talked about a character that didn’t make it into the game. But the documentary is awesome. And the other dioramas are insane and very good.

We’re doing another in September (Catcher in the Diorama: Scenes from Literature). I’m considering sticking with pixels…

Here’s the link as I can’t seem to embed:  Live and Let Diorama from Robert A. Emmons Jr. on Vimeo.

This Just In!

That’s the temporary title of a new game I’m working on. It’s a board game, which is a medium that I haven’t given a ton of thought to until recently. A few weeks ago I started picking up old games at yard sales and thrift stores and gathering parts and boards to reuse for my own projects. I’m not sure how to physically reproduce a game like this (in a somewhat affordable short run), but I’d definitely like to try.

“This Just In” is based on 4 fictional news teams. Each player controls a helicopter and news van and races around a city reporting on fires, murders, parades, car chases, etc.. All that fun stuff. There’s more to it, but tomorrow is our first multiplayer playtest (at the NJPA Board Game Alliance July meeting at The Loft in Audubon, NJ). So I’m hoping it works out and I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it goes. If you’re in the area, we’ll be playing board and card games from 2-10pm. Out of all the scheduled games, I’m looking forward to 1000 Blank White Cards the most. I’ve been itching to play this one for a while. I’ll definitely share some of the cards that we make.