Starts With / Ends With on iPhone

A few years ago I made a card game called Starts With / Ends With.  Today it was released for iPhone… and iPad/iPod too. It’s 99 cents and available right here: Starts With Ends With

The basic game is this:
-10 quick rounds
-Each round you get a starting and ending letter
-Come up with the longest word using those letters
-Get bonus points for speed
-Global Leaderboads using Game Center
-Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr integration

I’m really proud of this game. I pushed myself on the coding and graphic design, and kept trying new things. There are a few little adjustments I’d like to make in an update, but I want to give it a few days to get some feedback. So, if you enjoy it, please tell your friends. If you do not, let me know why so I can improve it. Either way, thanks a ton.

Oh, and can you beat my high score of 1,380?




2010 was a big year for Championland. Most of the year was spent developing a video game version of the card game Pixel Lincoln. This is still in progress and very time consuming, but at the same time it’s really exciting. We also had our big Kickstarter campaign for Lines of Fire. We received the funding needed to produce the game in just 4 days, and by the end we went well above our goal. We shipped about 50 copies out to the Kickstarter backers and sold others at a few conventions since. The response has been very positive and I’m itching to make some additions/expansions to the game. Other than that, I worked on ideas for a handful of other games. Some are ready for production, some are still being developed. The usual issues of time and money have stood in the way, but it’s a new year and time for a new plan.


In 2011 I would like to try out some new things. I’ve been working hard on learning both C++ and Objective C programming. Ultimately, I’d like to create some iPhone/iPad/iPad/iOS/etc versions of some of my board and card games. Why? Because the production is very inexpensive compared to a physical version of the game. These will not replace the physical versions. I’d like to be able to offer both. An app version for free or very cheap, and the limited collectors physical version. In order to fund a physical version, I may go back to Kickstarter or see if anything comes out of the apps. Just like the Kickstarter funding, any money that I receive from these games is going right into the next one.

As for the actual games, here are the ideas I have. I’d like to see an app version of Lines of Fire, Famous Missions, and Starts With/Ends With. I’ve been working on unreleased games like Cafe Catastrophe (100% done) and Wasteland (75% done). And I have ideas, sketches, rules, and notes on about a dozen others. I have a spider themed roll and move game that I’d love to do something with. The next step is a really nice prototype. That leads me to something that I need to do in 2011 that I’ve never really done before.

I need to take my prototypes and actually do something with them. I’ve never really pitched a game to anybody and I still feel uncomfortable with whole idea. But I need to make some connections and take some steps in that direction.

And finally I would like to get this website in order. It needs an update and some format changes. I’ll be working on it very soon.

May 23rd @ NJPA Boardgame Alliance – Starts With / Ends With demo

Although it’s not technically a board game, I will be demo-ing SW/EW at an event next Saturday, May 23rd. I should have a few copies of it and Maze Game on hand for the event. Here are the details:

Saturday May 23rd – NJPA Board Game Alliance – Kickoff Party

The Loft @ The Auction House
100 West Merchant Street, Audubon, NJ 08106
12-6pm – Free Admission 

A full day of fun boardgames, card games and much much more! Begins at 12 noon. FREE admission, but donations are VERY accepted! A great selection of snacks, food and beverages at the concession stand. ON THE SCHEDULE 12 – 1pm: Starts With / Ends With (Party Game) A fun icebreaker that challenges players to think quick in a witty battle of words. This is a new game DEMO by Jason Tagmire .

1 – 2pm: Conspiracy (Board Game) A very strategic and intriguing spy game…bluffing.. betting.. assasination… anything to get that top secret briefcase to headquarters .

2 – 4pm: Super Giant Monster Showdown (Card Game) Players build customized giant monsters that battle each other, smash cities and tangle with the military in a free-for-all ‘kaiju’ simulation where anything can happen, and probably does..

4 – 5pm: Mississippi Queen (Board Game) Light, fun family game where players race paddleboats down the Mississippi, picking up passengers along the way, managing precious coal, and navigating the treacherous river.

5pm on: Illuminati (Card Game) Classic game of world domination where each player is a secret society attempting to spread its tendrils into special interest groups throughout the world.


Pokemon Highlander (Card Game) Pokemon TCG where there Can Only Be One!

Mag Blast Tournament (‘classic’ edition) (Card Game) High-speed space battle game that is laster-fast!

Battle Masters Campaign (Miniatures Game) Classic fantasy miniatures battle game by Milton Bradley. We will decide the fate of the world on a large vinyl mat 4.5 ft square.

Starts With / Ends With Pre-Order

STARTS WITH / ENDS WITH PRE-ORDER (Ships in early December)
$8.00 – Shipping is included!

Box cover art!

Introducing Starts With / Ends With

Starts With / Ends With is my second game. It’s even simpler than Maze Game, and reminds me of a personal favorite, Scrabble. The basic idea is to create the longest word you can think of, using the starting and ending letters that you draw. A two player game will consist of 13 rounds, and players will get 1 point for each letter of their word. It needs some tweaking, but here is what it looks like so far.

Off the top of my head I would say BEARDED for 7 points. But I’m sure there is a much better word than that.