Pixel Lincoln Assassination

On July 1st I was part of a diorama art show called Live and Let Diorama. The theme was famous deaths, murders and assassinations. My first idea was Howard Unruh, but since nobody really knows him, I stole a friends idea and went with the Lincoln Assassination.

A friend documented the event. I was interviewed and didn’t say anything too stupid. I managed to say Pixel Lincoln like 7 times in 10 seconds though, and I talked about a character that didn’t make it into the game. But the documentary is awesome. And the other dioramas are insane and very good.

We’re doing another in September (Catcher in the Diorama: Scenes from Literature). I’m considering sticking with pixels…

Here’s the link as I can’t seem to embed:  Live and Let Diorama from Robert A. Emmons Jr. on Vimeo.


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