Thinking outside of the box.

My obsession with boxes has quieted a bit. It was starting to make me crazy, so I stopped stressing about it. I found box that will look pretty good once decorated. It’s a nice thickness, the right size and a somewhat affordable price, at least in short run. It’s not quite the box you would see on the shelves of a store, but it’s not entirely homemade looking. Hopefully this one will work out.

The box is square and 4″x4″x2″. It’s a solid color with a foil imprint on the top. We’ll be adding some extra imagery for the final games, but these are cool. They’re a little different, but might help set us apart from others. Especially if we do some conventions. I have at least two games in mind for these boxes.

So… other than worrying about boxes, we’ve been working on other projects. A few are game-related, but also kind of not game related. Last night a few of us show some Famous Missions live game show segments. They will eventually all be released online, and so far one is viewable on YouTube.

Also getting ready for the Pixel Lincoln video game. Woo!


Boxes are too damn expensive.

I’ve been researching the costs for packaging for upcoming games. The games are made using small 2″ X 2″cardstock tiles, with some extra components (dice, chips, etc). For some reason, I thought there should be a larger base tile for each game. These are either 2″ x 8″, or 4″ x 4″. With the larger tiles and components, I thought I would need a box. I also think a full color box would be a huge step in the direction I’d like to go with these. A box makes all of the difference in presentation. And unfortunately, I’ve learned that they also make all of the difference in cost.

Who knew that 500 4″ x 8″ full color boxes would cost almost $2000.00? I don’t even need 500, but that’s the minimum. Everywhere.

So I started to look at other options and it’s all just very discouraging. I could get some stock shipping boxes and print stickers, but I’d wind up spending quite a bit for all 6 sides of the boxes. And I would have to put all of the stickers on, which would be a major disaster. I could do the same shipping boxes and screenprint them, but it’s also pretty costly and lacks fine detail. I could assume that nobody cares about the box and just put 1 sticker on the top and save a lot of money. I can’t think of any other packaging options, especially non-conventional ones… so if anyone has ideas, please send them over.

All of this brainstorming leads me to think about my goals with these games. I know I want to make a bunch. I would love for other people to play them. I just always go for the DIY method and I think it holds me back a ton. The only people who know about the games I’ve worked on are my friends. I really need to get out there, but I’m so not the pushy businessperson-type. I wouldn’t know where to start, but I know that I do need to start.

On to the games…. I’m working hard with George (ideas) and John (artwork) on Lines of Fire. It’s looking really cool. Also working on a handful of other ideas that have been floating around for a while. And finally, I just got in my sample tiles for Cafe Catastrophe. They turned out perfect. I’ll slowly order more and eventually have all of the parts without spending too much money at one time. Now I just need a damn box!