Pixel Lincoln in action.

Check out Michael Taylor’s play-by-play walkthrough of Pixel Lincoln Level 1-1. Spoilers are abound.



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Maze Game – Alternate Rules

Here is the fast-paced alternate way to play Maze Game.

Lay down a “Start” card on a table. Shuffle the deck. Take the top card from the deck and place it face up to the right of the “Start” card.  If the maze connects, lay a new card the right of the previous card. If it doesn’t line up with your line, continue placing cards on top, until you find a connection. Cards can be spun 180 degrees to help complete the maze, but they must stay on top of their individual pile. Go until you run out of cards. When you are finished, count up how many cards you laid down (including the “Start” card) and that’s your score. 

Here is an example of a 4 point game. My high score is 13 points. 

The game is pretty much done. I just need to clarify all of the rules, and send it off for printing.

Maze Game – Gameplay

This is a simple one player game.

First, take the “Start” and “End” cards out of the deck. Shuffle. Then deal your remaining cards out face down, on a 3X4 grid with “Start” at the top left corner, and “End” at the bottom right corner (both of those will be face up). Deal 5 cards onto each pile. Once all cards are dealt, the grid will look like this:

The idea of the game is to connect “Start” to “End” using the cards in between. A player will start flipping over cards one by one to try and complete the maze.

The cards can’t be moved from file to pile, but they can be spun 180 degrees on top of their pile. Also, cards can be discarded to take a chance at getting a better card underneath, but once discarded, they are removed from the game.

If you complete the maze, you win. It’s tough.

There is another version of the gameplay, that I’ll post next. It’s a faster paced “how far can you go” version.

Introducing Maze Game

Maze game was kind my wife’s idea, but I stole it from her and made it better.

Here is the back for all of the cards, as well as a sample front card. Game rules and more images will be coming soon.