This Just In!

That’s the temporary title of a new game I’m working on. It’s a board game, which is a medium that I haven’t given a ton of thought to until recently. A few weeks ago I started picking up old games at yard sales and thrift stores and gathering parts and boards to reuse for my own projects. I’m not sure how to physically reproduce a game like this (in a somewhat affordable short run), but I’d definitely like to try.

“This Just In” is based on 4 fictional news teams. Each player controls a helicopter and news van and races around a city reporting on fires, murders, parades, car chases, etc.. All that fun stuff. There’s more to it, but tomorrow is our first multiplayer playtest (at the NJPA Board Game Alliance July meeting at The Loft in Audubon, NJ). So I’m hoping it works out and I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it goes. If you’re in the area, we’ll be playing board and card games from 2-10pm. Out of all the scheduled games, I’m looking forward to 1000 Blank White Cards the most. I’ve been itching to play this one for a while. I’ll definitely share some of the cards that we make.