Pixel Lincoln – Infinite Lives Code

Yesterday we had a family Christmas party. My brother-in-law Marty got a chance to sit down and play Pixel Lincoln for the first time. He designed the level 4 boss, and helped me out with a few other finishing touches.

So the last Laser Shark in level one killed him twice, and the Duck dealt the final kill. He started over twice and finally made it on to level two. I left for a while (my brother and I were playing an intense game of Starts With/Ends With, while my Mom was yelling “you better patent this” over and over). I came back about twenty minutes later and I saw that Marty was two cards form beating the game. I was surprised since he wasn’t having any luck, but then he told me his secret: the infinite lives code.

It was awesome that he really wanted to push through and get to the end of the game. The game is intentionally hard (like Mega Man 2 hard) but it’s definitely possible on 3 lives. If anyone else wants to use the infinite lives code, it’s “heads, heads, tails, tails, heads, tails, heads, tails, heads”. Good luck. That might be event harder than getting through Pixel Lincoln with 3 lives.


Pixel Lincoln in action.

Check out Michael Taylor’s play-by-play walkthrough of Pixel Lincoln Level 1-1. Spoilers are abound.


Game Orders Updated and New Stuff

Any day now I should have the first copies of Maze Game, Starts With/Ends With and Pixel Lincoln. They were scheduled for production last weekend and to ship early this week. I can’t wait. I’m super excited but also super nervous. I’ve ordered individual cards and small sets before, but these are the first full games. I hope everything went well with the designs. Anyway, they’ll be here in a few days and I’ll be sending out all of the pre-orders.

While waiting, I’ve been refreshing myself on a few of the game ideas that I’ve been working on. The most work has been on a castle / army battling game. Basically the game is 2 castle cards, separated by a specific amount of land cards. Each player will control a castle and an army (which will build in time). So you start with your army at your castle and head down the path to your opponents castle, battling along the way. Last castle standing wins.

That’s the simple version, but the game has a lot still to be developed.

I will post a few images as we continue.