Lines of Fire on Kickstarter – 48 hours left!

So we’re nearing the end of the Lines of Fire Kickstarter project and it went well beyond I ever expected to. We’re currently at $500, which is $150 more than the goal amount. I had intended to promote like crazy, and post more videos in the past two weeks and a few things (sicknesses, work, Pixel Lincoln, sicknesses, and more sicknesses) kind of took me by storm so I’m starting my last minute push right now.

I feel a little weird pushing it at this point, since we’ve passed our goal, but here’s why I’m doing it. Any extra funding is going to the next game project. The next game will either be Cafe Catastrophe or an unnamed underwater diving for gems game. They’re both fun and artwork is 100% complete, except the underwater game needs a name and a logo.

Another reason to buy it on Kickstarter is because you’ll save a few bucks and get a special playable card for Kickstarter backers only. I plan to sell the game for $12.00 plus shipping once Kickstarter is complete. Right now it’s just $10.00 and you get this awesome, playable, never before revealed card.

Also, we got the boxes and dice in. Everything looks great. Just waiting for the final cards and instructions and we’re ready to go.

That’s about it. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen. You guys are awesome.


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