Kickstarter is going really well.

I guess I shouldn’t have stressed so much about putting the game on Kickstarter. Today we’re at 93% and only $25 away from the $350 goal. But, I was worried about a few things.

1. Asking for help.
I never ask for help. If so, I really need it and I’ve exhausted all of my own resources. But for this game, it’s a little different. It’s not a life or death scenario. Life will go on if this game were to not be made. But I really feel confident about it and I want to take the next step in game design. I don’t want to go into credit card debt, or throw everything away due to financial reasons. So I thought about Kickstarter’s pledge system. I still stressed about it because I didn’t want people to think I’m being greedy by asking for them to help my creative needs.

2. Not reaching the goal amount.
I was really worried about getting some pledges and not meeting our goal amount. I thought it would be embarrassing to me and to the people who pledged, and it would definitely prevent me from giving it another shot.

Both of those worries are gone. After all of the support we’ve gotten from friends and fellow gamers, I feel really good. I feel super confident about this project, and I can’t wait to release this and start the next.

But of course, new worries have developed.

1. Monthly Gaming Project.
I went into this with the idea of a monthly gaming project. I have games that are ready for the next 3 months of the year. If we go above our Kickstarter budget, I’m going to start getting the next one ready. I do stress about the next game though. If I go to Kickstarter with whatever funding I don’t have leftover from Lines of Fire, is that being greedy? Doing projects back to back? I think it definitely sounds greedy, so I’ll keep thinking about how to handle it. Maybe I can go with a super inexpensive game idea next, and do it without any backing at all.

2. Meeting our goal amount.
I also stress out about if we pass our goal of $350. Do I continue to push the Kickstarter site? I think I will, just to help the next projects and to allow more pre-orders of the game with the bonuses.

I shouldn’t stress though. Things are really going well. Right now about 1/3 of the copies of Lines of Fire are called for and that’s really, really awesome. I’m at the point where I’m working on cover art and filling in all of the last minute details that weren’t even on my radar this time last week.


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