Zombie game

I came up with a concept for a really simple Zombie vs. Human game a few weeks ago. I was trying to think of a business card style game (very few different card designs, with a lot of reuse) and somehow the zombie thing hit me. As an idea, it felt like a perfect fit. I then immediately thought of a title for the game; World War Z. Of course, within just a few hours I saw a trailer of a film with the same name. So, no title for now.

We playtested the game for the first time tonight and it turned out really awesome. It’s a super simple mechanic, which, on the first two games worked out really well. It was also a lot of fun, which isn’t always the case on the first trial run. A ton of unplanned scenarios came up and we added to the rules to cover all of the bases. Zombies won the game both times. First, they won by far and then the second game was much closer. Still need to tweak it to make it more balanced.

I’m going to keep prototyping the zombie game. Right now it’s a barely modified Scrabble kit. The only change was a little black marker, some dice and chips. Tomorrow, I’d like to make a nicer prototype to get a better feel for the game.

Other than that, not a ton going on. We’re waiting on the first set of Cafe Catastrophe cards to arrive on Monday. Can’t wait.


One Comment on “Zombie game”

  1. chancemuse says:

    Lol’d at the first name you came up with, and then you saw the trailer… From the way you describe it it sounds like a really good game!

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