Almost satisfied with Cafe Catastrophe

Cafe Catastrophe is a fun little restaurant management game (doesn’t sound fun) that I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s almost complete. I’ve finished all of the card art and I’m now refreshing myself with the rules. I may or may not have written them out on my old computer. Can’t fully remember, and definitely need to start writing everything down.

But while I wait to see if the rules pop up, I’ve been rewriting what I can remember. I’ve got most of it down, there’s one gamechanger that I’m stuck on. Whether the cards are dealt face down or face up. It changes things drastically and I know that both weren’t considered before. Maybe an alternate set of rules or an all new game.

Anyway, the game will be ordered as soon as I find enough money, and I’ll definitely post more as we get closer to some real news.


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