Been working on a few different games recently. I actually found a notepad with some of my first game ideas and drawings, as well as the initial ideas for this website. Looking back at the game ideas, I think I’ve come a long way as a designer. Strategy and mechanics mean so much more to me now than they did before. Players being able to control their actions means much more as well.

The current game I’m working on can go two different ways. Fully controlled by the player, or moves determined by random cards. I’m trying to find the perfect balance between the two. If it’s too random, there is no point to even play. If there is no randomness, the better players will find the fastest path from A to B and the game will be broken. It’s a constant battle in my head and on paper.

I’m looking into options for a physical release of Cafe Catastrophe and Lines of Fire. Those games are both almost complete and ready to go. They’ll cost a little more to produce than the previous games I’ve made, but I’m definitely trying to figure out how to get them produced ASAP.

I’m also working on a game tentatively called Wasteland. I’m trying to capture the feel of map building in games like Sim City, with some bartering and cooperative gameplay thrown in. I want to test this one forever before it’s finished, though.

Finally. we’ve been working on Pixel Lincoln: The Video Game. It all started here a few years ago with the card game. The game is looking awesome, but we made some trading cards of the background characters as a throwback to the old topps trading cards. The characters have some stats on the back, so I will definitely find a way to make these playable. Hopefully next time we print up a card game, I’ll be getting some of these printed up as well. Here are a few. More at http://www.fauxrobo.com


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