RECAP: October NJPA Board Game Meetup

Yesterday was the NJPABGA game day and release party for Famous Missions. It was one of the most interesting days yet.

Championland games
The game day doubled as a release party for Famous Missions. We debuted the game, sold a bunch of copies (thanks guys!) and had cupcakes and  goodie bags for everyone. The first 10 people received famous people heads-on-a-stick, and everyone received the XXXtra special promo card. A few games of Famous Missions were played, but I was 60 minutes deep into another game so I missed out.

We also tested Cafe Catastrophe and VolcaNOOOOOO! Cafe Catastrophe is nearly complete and the two times I played it went pretty well. It’s a fairly easy game to pick up, and everybody really liked it. But VolcaNOOOOOO! still needs some work. It was initially a tile based game and now it’s a board game. There are some weird bugs to work out. But even being super buggy, everyone stuck it out until the end and said they enjoyed it. Got some great ideas and getting ready for version 3.0.

Other games
I started out the day with a long game of Heroscape. Most of the time was setup, but we played with 5 or 6 players so it was long between turns. Alex developed an insane scenario (computer generated vikings that fight for God, but also the devil… trying to remove the other dudes and their dragon from the castle) and we jumped right in. I went on a semi-suicide mission and successfully slayed the dragon. My mission was accomplished, but I was killed before I had enough time to really celebrate. My team went down and the dudes kept their castle.

The dragon slayer:

After that I played a quick game of Zombies. We thought it would be quick but it went really long. The last few rounds were a little repetitive, but we battled until the end. I was (this) close to winning, but wound up killing myself. I take too many chances..

Next up was Cosmic Encounter.  I was really excited to try this out. It was Joe’s game so he kind of taught/referee’d. We needed it though, because none of us had ever played before. This game was really cool. I played really conservatively after the last few games. I also thought I was going to win this, especially after a few rounds of George and Alex messing up in my favor, but I thinned myself out enough to lose in the end. Nick won this one. I had a card in my hand that basically resets the game, but I didn’t want to be the one to go there after a game that lasted almost 2 hours. I already want to play again.

The last game I played was Scotland Yard. George has been talking about this since last month. Im Scotland Yard a team of players moves around the map trying to find an invisible opponent. George played the invisible guy, and Alex, Nick, Joe and I tried to catch him. I don’t know what happened but halfway into the game we lost Alex and Nick. Maybe it was because it was getting late, but both managed to use all of their movement cards and they were forced to stay immobile for the rest of the game. Neither were in a position of any help for our team. Joe and I came really close to getting George, but we couldn’t do it without another player. George slipped away and the game (and the night) was over.

There were a few games that I didn’t get to play. Alex tested Go Pound Sand and others played Wings of War and Save Doctor Lucky. A very light day for games, but somehow we played longer than ever. As always, looking forward to next month.


2 Comments on “RECAP: October NJPA Board Game Meetup”

  1. Taylor says:

    I should see if I can get a copy of my friends game that he is in the process of making for your next game day. Its a bidding game, which are not my favourite but its fun to watch peoples game face.

    also, you should make your facemasks available on the FM website for download.

  2. jtagmire says:

    Definitely. We’re all about game creation, so new games are always a highlight. My brother has been talking about trying some sort of bluffing game, too. I haven’t played enough bidding games, but I really enjoyed Power Grid when I played it.

    I might put them up for download. I want to make more.. they were a lot of fun.

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