Waiting for Famous Missions…

It’s been quiet because I’ve been waiting for Famous Missions to arrive. Super excited for it and it should be here soon enough. Next Saturday, October 17th, we’re having a launch party for Famous Missions at The Loft in Audubon, NJ. There will be some real cool giveaways, etc.

Other than Famous Missions, I’ve been working on a whole bunch of other games. A few are almost complete.

Cafe Catastrophe – A tile-based game where you try to seat and feed your customers before they walk out, or the food goes bad. This one is almost complete. Needs final artwork and a few rules tests and we’re good to go.

Lines of Fire – A tile-based defend your castle / head to head battle game, with lots of room to build. This one is finished, just needs completed artwork. The name isn’t final.. yet.

Volcanooooo! – A board game where you risk everything by building houses next to a volcano. The bigger the risk, the more points you get. When the volcano erupts, the houses will fall. This is another name that may or may not stay. Waiting on parts to arrive to continue testing this one.

That’s just about it. Those are the big three. Have others waiting on art (if anyone is up for doing some art, help is always appreciated) and others just waiting on ideas.


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