Famous Missions is off to print.

Pre-Order here for just $9.95. Pre-orders will now include 9 bonus missions!

I sent the game off to print last night and the game should arrive in a few weeks. I also printed up a set of 9 bonus missions to extend the gameplay. These will come free with all pre-orders and be sold for a few dollars on the site afterwards. A few of the bonus missions are: Win a tag-team wrestling match, prevent an alien invasion, and repaint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

I also ordered one extra special bonus mission that will be announced at a later point. It’s a gamechanger, and super awesome. It was tough not to include in the main game. I’d like to continue to build off of this game with expansion decks as long as everything goes well.


One Comment on “Famous Missions is off to print.”

  1. jtagmire says:

    Only a few days late, but I just thought of a word for “I” / “C”… idiosyncratic. Wish I pulled that one out during the game.

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