Famous Missions – Almost finished.

Just a few cards from completing this game. I have 4 people left, then I have to decide if I’m adding any more. Seriously considering adding an additional 9 cards (4 people, 5 missions). After that I’ll be sending the game off to print.

Also been thinking about a few other games.

Bloqué is pretty much done. I really want to make some crazy vintage style artwork with huge boulders/stones and huge muscular men, standing by the edge of a cliff. I actually wanted to photograph it but that might be impossible.

Also working on another game that uses the Bloqué pieces, but many more. It’s kind of like a sprawling serpentine of buildings, or could also represent a plague, or maybe even hot lava. It doesn’t make much sense to me either. Yet.

And finally, I’m reworking the Starts With / Ends with artwork for a potential new release. I love the style, but I’m willing to give it a second shot. It’s coming along.

Here are the new additions to Famous Missions:


One Comment on “Famous Missions – Almost finished.”

  1. mrtaylor2112 says:

    not that it really matters, but I think Shaq is playing for cleveland this season. the Lakers jersey is more iconic though

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