Famous Missions: Card backs

Today was my deadline for Famous Missions. I didn’t finish in time, because I kind of blew it this weekend. Got caught up in games of Carcassonne, attended a board game auction, and ate pretty damn well. My new goal is to have the game off for print by Friday. I have 11 famous people left to draw. A couple favorites are still coming up. Then, I think I will add 4 more celebrities and 5 more missions. I’ve felt that the game could use a few more missions and this will even it all out a little. If anybody has any ideas for small team based missions, fell free to share them.

This weekend wasn’t a complete wash. I did finish the (extremely basic) artwork for the back of the cards. Almost everything is black and white in this game except or the famous people. I think it really makes the people stand out. So far it seems like it works well enough.


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