Mission 1: Finally finish Famous Missions.

Famous Missions is the name (or temporary name?) of a card game that I’ve shown here once before. In this game, someone will play a mission card (for example: Raise A Family) and 2 players will play their best 3 card team from the cards in their hand. The cards are all famous people from throughout history with a solid mix of potentially useful / useless celebrities (depending on the mission). Then the 2 players get to argue who has a better team.

Currently the game is made up of 50 people and 13 missions. I’m definitely going to try to add a few more missions, and possibly a few more people. But most importantly I need to finish drawing all of the people cards. I’ve drawn about 20/50 people and need to commit to a minimum of 3 per day. All of the completed cards are below (some still need quotes, others need small tweaks), and everyday until I’m finished I will post the new ones here. Otherwise, it will never end. I’ve been dreading drawing certain people on the list (especially the really normal ones), so hopefully this will force me to finally finish Famous Missions.


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