Burt Reynolds, Carrot Top and Chuck Norris

I finished todays 3 early. Tired of drawing man chest.


3 Comments on “Burt Reynolds, Carrot Top and Chuck Norris”

  1. Suzanne says:

    oh lord i hate carrot top.

  2. mrtaylor2112 says:

    chuck norris looks like a “kick yer ass” version of Jim Henson, love it! have you shared the basics of how the game is played yet? I get that you need to complete the missions using a combination of heroes, but what determines who is played? or is it sort of like apples to apples where everything is arbitrary but if you can justify it and sell it you win

    • jtagmire says:

      Haha, thanks. The previous post shared a bit of the gameplay.

      Here are the basics.

      -3 players. One is a judge and the other two compete.

      -Each competitor draws a hand of 7 people cards.

      -The judge flips a mission card.

      -The two competitors play a 3 person team face down and, one by one, reveal their team for the given mission.

      -Then the Judge chooses a winner. The loser gets a chance to argue for their team. If the Judge is swayed, the other player gets a chance to argue.

      -A point goes to the winning team.

      -This continues until a player reaches a set amount of points.

      -Then players switch up roles.

      That’s about it. Very simple. Needs a little tweaking, and still need to complete the group multiplayer rules.

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