I’ve hit a wall.

Still trying to figure out the name of this game.

Basic idea: You move blocks around to help your little guy get to the other base. The blocks will defend your base, push your opponents blocks out of the way (or off of the board), and help create a path for your little guy to walk.

The blocks are kind of like walls, so most of the names below have “wall” in the title. Then I thought of using a chinese theme, and having it be the Great Wall of China. Doesn’t need to be the title, just the theme. Not 100% set on that, but I like it.

So here are the names I’ve come up with (with friends help).

The Sisyphean Challenge
Not Blockade
Mind The Gap
You Shall Not Pass
Walls at War
Wall Brawl
The Great Wall
The Greater Wall
The Greatest Wall
Walking Walls
Wandering Walls
Walls of Wonder
Ten Thousand Leagues Long Fortification
Warring States
The Mountain Pass
Khyber Pass
Walled In
Blood, Sweat and Stone
The Qiang Dynasty

Do any of them sound good to anyone? I’m really feeling a classic name, which I think some of these have, but I haven’t settled on any. Feel free to add to the list. I’ve gotten so stuck on a name that I’ve stalled any other progress with the game.


4 Comments on “I’ve hit a wall.”

  1. Luke says:

    War of the Walls

  2. Suzanne says:

    I actually think “Cornerstone” has a memorable, legitimate sound to it.

  3. jtagmire says:

    War of the Walls is the only combination of those words that I missed, yet probably the best one. And Cornerstone definitely has the classic feel I’m looking for. Thanks for the input guys.

  4. chancemuse says:

    Lol, “Not Blockade” has a nice ring to it.

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