Pixel Lincoln Sidescroller – Gameplay

This game is supposed to feel like a sidescrolling game from the good old NES days. It’s playable as a 1 or 2 player game. In the 2 player version, players will play one at a time just like in an old video game. 6 cards in a row will make up one level.

The gameplay is simple, but I added a few pictures to hopefully clarify everything.

-Use a penny as your character, and start at the log cabin.

-Roll a die to see how many spaces to move.

-You must move as many spaces as you roll.

-You cannot move backwards.

-Jumping onto a creature will kill it. Jumping into a flying creature will kill it.

-A jump consists of 2 moves. (1 diagonal up and to the right, and 1 to drop down to the ground)

-You can jump on top of a creature that’s on the ground, or into the bottom of a creature in the air.

-If you walk into a creature you lose a life and start back at the beginning of the level.

-You cannot jump into the air, unless you are killing a creature.

That’s the basic gameplay. The complete rules are still coming.


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