Pixel Lincoln Sidescroller – Enemies!

Thanks to everyone at No Week Will be Wasted for coming up with some amazing enemies. These are much better than the ones I came up with, and it’s going to make the game so much more exciting. We could always use more if anyone is up for it.

Here are a few. There are more, but I haven’t assembled them onto a card yet. I want to do a big group image once they are all done. And I’d love to do a cheesy realistic (or pixel) drawing for cover art, and make the cardbox look like a game box. It’ll all come in time.

I also thought of making some cards with the characters and small profiles/info to come with the game. I remember when Earthbound came with scratch and sniff cards. That was awesome because it was a video game that came with cards. But a card game that comes with cards…. Maybe? Maybe not?


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