Pixel Lincoln Sidescroller

I wanted to make the first ever sidescrolling playing card game. It may have already been done, but I’m still claiming this to be the first. It’s the first that I know of.

The gameplay would be simple at first. You would move your character along a series of cards from left to right, trying to get to the end of the level. Since I plan to publish these games, I always try to work with accessible resources. I needed a token for the character and I thought of a penny. They’re everywhere.

So Pixel Lincoln came to mind.

He’s the main character. You place a penny on the cards and move him by rolling a die. He can jump onto other characters to kill them. There would be bosses at the end of each level, and other obstacles.

The basic layout of the game came about when messing with the blank Maze Game cards. The 4×3 grid seemed like a good size. I think 6 different cards placed in order from left to right will make up a regular level.

But Lincoln in his pixel form will never really be seen on the level cards. He will be on some of the bonus cards, and the artwork, but on the level he will be replaced by a penny.

The enemies will be in their pixel form on the cards. So far I made a pig and a crow. They were no fun at all. I haven’t finalized a game storyline yet. I was thinking realistic (growing up on a farm, going to Washington, Civil War, then the Ford’s Theater. But something like an imaginary world like Mega Man or Mario Bros with some bizarre versions of reality thrown in, could be a lot more fun.

So if anybody is up for taking a stab at creating an enemy, here is the blank pixel grid. Keep in mind the grid is a full frame, so only use the full height or width for a huge character. My email is JTagmire@gmail.com if you want to send anything over.


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