Introducing Starts With / Ends With

Starts With / Ends With is my second game. It’s even simpler than Maze Game, and reminds me of a personal favorite, Scrabble. The basic idea is to create the longest word you can think of, using the starting and ending letters that you draw. A two player game will consist of 13 rounds, and players will get 1 point for each letter of their word. It needs some tweaking, but here is what it looks like so far.

Off the top of my head I would say BEARDED for 7 points. But I’m sure there is a much better word than that.


4 Comments on “Introducing Starts With / Ends With”

  1. jtagmire says:

    I tried to beat this without cheating and couldn’t. The best I could do was Brandished.

  2. Ol'Bill says:


  3. I am pretty proud of “Brachiopod” but bastardised beats it.

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