The Game Creation Project begins.

The Game Creation Project is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I found a company that prints professional quality playing cards at a pretty affordable price. I decided to make up a couple of games and get them printed. Then I started putting out ideas and instantly came up with like 10 games. Creating the games felt awesome.

Afterwards, I came up with the idea of a project where I’m constantly making new games and sharing them as they develop. Making any kind of game I can think of, using playing cards as a base. Posting my ideas as they come to me, and sharing artwork as it’s created. Over time I would develop the good games and forget the crap ones.

This is going to be fun, right?


2 Comments on “The Game Creation Project begins.”

  1. So would such a company allow me to print a set of playing cards featuring photos I took of awesome stuff? How affordable are they?

  2. jtagmire says:

    Absolutely. I’ll send you the price list.

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